Interior Panels

From light-weight to fire-resistant, plaster core to gypsum core, find the ideal panels and drywall for every project.


Physical Properties
Thickness: 10mm & 13mm
Features & Benefits
Edge profiles - Recessed or Square Edge
Internal wall and ceiling applications
Standard residential and commercial construction
SHEETROCK® Brand Plasterboard
Offering light and easy installation, these plasterboards are most widely used plasterboards with new technologies on the market.


Physical Properties
Thickness: 10mm
Edge Profiles: Recessed edge, Recessed edge/Square edge
Weight: 5.4 kg/m² (nominal)
Ideal for use in residential and commercial applications for non-fire rated wall systems.
Steel Framing
Make plasterboard installation easier and straighter than ever. Find the steel framing tools you need for lasting stability.

Steel Framing

Physical Properties
Material: Galvanized Steel, Steel
Steel Studs: Stud Depth (mm): 51, 64, 75, 92, 100, 150
Floor/Ceiling Track: Track Depth (mm): 51, 64, 75, 92, 100, 150
Deflection Head Track / Fire Track: Track Depth (mm): 51, 64, 75, 92, 100, 150
Nogging Track: Track Depth (mm): 51, 64, 75*, 92, 100*, 150
*to order only